“Ayojanayata Mulapuramu” (Introduction to Investment)

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka (SEC) launched a book titled “ Ayojanayata Mulapuramu” with a view to enhancing the knowledge on investing in the capital market of Sri Lanka. The SEC has a dual mandate of regulating and developing the capital market of Sri Lanka and this publication will undoubtedly give impetus towards developing the capital market. There has been a significant increase in domestic investor participation with the growth of the capital market and we are of the view that this book will assist investors to obtain a proper understanding of the various aspects of investing in the capital market. Furthermore, this publication includes practical and useful topics i.e. factors to be considered before investing in the stock market, step by step process of investing in stocks and unit trusts, common mistakes made by investors when investing in the capital market and how to select stocks.

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