Complaints Against Listed Companies

The client is requested to read the documentation provided by the listed company to ascertain whether the client has complied with the instructions given in the relevant documentation. (Letters of Allotment, Form of Acceptance and Transfer, Dividend Warrants and Share Certificates etc). If the client is able to identify any irregularity by studying the documentation, refer the matter in writing to the Secretary of the Listed Company or the Compliance Officer of that company depending on the services available.

If the complaint has not been addressed in a satisfactory manner, refer the complaint to the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE). As per Section 10 of Listing Rules of the CSE, in the event of any violation and or non-compliance with any of the Listing Rules by any Company listed on the CSE, the CSE can take action against such Listed Company for such violation and or non-compliance. The complaint should be referred in writing and if an oral complaint is made, the substance of the complaint should be confirmed subsequently. If the issue constitutes a breach of the SEC Act refer it to the SEC in writing. All documentation and facts relied upon should be attached to the written complaint.