International Cooperation

International Cooperation

The SEC is a member of IOSCO and has maintained a steady relationship with the Emerging Markets Committee of IOSCO. The SEC also responded to a number of consultations conducted by IOSCO General Secretariat and continues a cordial relationship by updating the required details and data for administrative and other purposes. Being a signatory of the IOSCO Memorandum of Understanding (MMOU) the SEC has obtained the fullest support from the foreign jurisdictions in obtaining information and documents in relation to ongoing investigations of the SEC.

International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO)

IOSCO was established in 1983 assembling more than 180 members from more than 100 states. The IOSCO-headquarters are located in Madrid. This global body deals as a forum of world-wide exchange of experience of securities regulatory authorities and aims at developing globally accepted standards for the organization of capital markets with special emphasis on strengthening investor protection and the functioning of the international financial system. In order to achieve this goal the supervisory framework has to be adjusted permanently to the changing conditions of the national and the international securities- and derivatives markets.

In June 2010 the “IOSCO Objectives and Principles for Securities Regulation” of 2003 were updated. The implementation of these principles is evaluated systematically by the Member States