Approvals Under Section 80 of the SEC Act

    A listed public company or any public company which has applied to obtain a listing in an exchange shall not make a public offer of securities either directly or through a third party by way of a prospectus or a similar document or otherwise for the purposes of solicitation of funds from the public unless approved by the Commission or a person authorised by the Commission. This applies to any such matters including Initial Public Offering (IPO) by way of offer for subscription, offer for sale and listing by way of introduction.

    Approvals – Off the Floor Share Transactions – Section 84 of the SEC Act

    A person holding securities in a company listed on an exchange shall buy, sell, gift or otherwise deal in such securities in compliance with the trading procedure adopted by such licensed exchange: Provided however, where no express trading procedure has been adopted by such exchange, the approval of the Commission shall be obtained.

    Application Form

    Approvals Under Section 81 Of The SEC Act for issuing listed and unlisted securities by listed entities

      A listed public company shall obtain the approval of the Commission or any person authorised by the Commission to grant approval in respect of.

    • any new issue or offer for sale of securities to the public, whether such issues or offers for sale are by way of a public offer or otherwise;
    • private placement of securities;
    • rights issues of securities;
    • bonus issues of securities; or
    • schemes of arrangements, schemes of reconstruction, take over schemes, share option schemes and acquisition of assets by way of issues of securities
    • Please refer Circular No 16/2008 for the approval criteria with regard to the issuance of unlisted debt securities by listed public companies.

    Issuance of Listed Securities by a Listed Public Company or a Public Company that has applied to obtain a Listing

    In relation to the issuance of any listed securities by a listed public company or a public company that has applied to obtain a listing, the approval will be granted by the CSE

    • Please refer Section 2 of the CSE Listing Rules with regard to listing of shares and debentures by listed public companies.
    • Please refer Section 5 of the CSE Listing rules with regard to the further issue of securities by listed public companies.

    Waiver of Rule 5.4 of The CSE Listing Rules

    Issue of Shares by Private Placement

    • A Private Placement is an issue of shares to an identified investor/s or category of investors other than by way of a Rights Issue offered pro-rata to existing shareholders or a general offer to the public for subscription.
    • The percentage of shares to be issued by a Listed Entity through a private placement shall not exceed 20% of the shares in issue, immediately subsequent to such issue of shares through the private placement. The application of this rule may be waived by the SEC under exceptional circumstances.
    • The entity shall not issue shares through a private placement during the 24 month period immediately following such issue of shares. The application of this rule may be waived by the SEC under exceptional circumstances.
    • The Entity shall obtain shareholder approval by way of a Special Resolution for the issue of shares through a Private Placement at a General Meeting.
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